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Jan 28, 2014

The advertising industry generally sends business owners into a tail spin when it comes down to costs. Many restaurant owners have been burnt, spending thousands of dollars per year on advertising costs, be it printed ads or online ads. Admittedly some have done well also. The Got Table? APP has been designed to provide real time FREE restaurant advertising opportunities for restaurant owners. “As a restaurant owner, I know what it takes to sign checks for paid advertising and when I created this new mobile APP, I wanted to give FULL autonomy for all restaurant owners to have a “free to advertise” platform”, says Mr. Cheranda, founder and inventor of The Got Table? APP.

How does it work? Once a restaurant is subscribed and fully set-up, the restaurant owner or designated employee is able to launch specials on the APP itself during quiet times or just whenever it is required. It is as a simple as turning the advert on and off as required. No other restaurant booking APP does this at the moment, where control is given back to the owner of the restaurant to decide when he wants to advertise special promotions for his business, and most of all… for free.

Because the APP is based on real time GPS search, diners within a 50 mile radius can review the ads as it goes live. A diner can redeem the specials by simply showing the special from The Got Table? APP, which is essentially a fabulous platform for both diner and restaurant owner. With its’ current launch in Southern California, restaurant owners are seeking better ROI for advertising spend and at this time nothing beats The Got Table? APP.



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