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Feb 22, 2014
Generally speaking when diners are busy coming into your restaurant, the kitchen sounds like a delightful symphony of woks, pots, pans and utensils all working to a tune most busy kitchens should sound like. O yes not to forget the odd pile of plates that drops to the floor and cracks! The thing is if your “kitchen” ain’t making noise, it means times are quiet. The question most restaurant owners ask themselves is how do I get more people in my door!
Advertising costs can add up fairly quickly, spending on Google Ads alone will see anyone go under if not managed wisely. Gone are the days where you get some student to walk around and put flyers in mail boxes because people just throw them OUT! Any wise restaurant owner will review the GotTable? APP as a part of their marketing strategy. FREE, REAL TIME Advertising. If you don’t believe it, ask for a demo on-site at your restaurant. It beats anything out there and provides great R.O.I for your restaurant. For information please click here to Contact Us.



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