How to Book Tables When You’re Not Busy!?

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Jan 27, 2015

In today’s digital space restaurants need more than just a directory listing, they need a company that will partner with them to help them grow. The resturant needs exposure when they need it the most, when their tables are empty. There are few little apps or systems that even do this without having bulky hardware and extreme amounts of expenses. Even if you were able to purchase the products they might not even have the marketing arms to back up and support the restaurant.

What is the issue with just being listed on a directory?

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with directories, but they have their limitations. Directories can give a lot of brand exposure and maybe even trickle in some business. The major issue with directories are that they just list the business and that’s all. Yes there are companies like Yelp that are “trusted” by people, but in reality that is all they do. They rely on Google and some social to drive people to their website. Even after the visitor comes to the website, there is no guarantee that the visitor well even book a table or call to make a reservation. You are going to be empty and people just don’t know that you have talked available.

The trick to the restaurant business is to keep tables moving. You keep people happy and they come back and sometimes tell their friends. In order to keep tables full, people need to know. Technology has turned us into a no wait society. We don’t want to wait for downloads, lines or even our food. If a place is full, there are always other options. Yes, a lot of times people will wait, but do you really want them to guess if you have tables available? Typically people will wait, but what about all the times when you have empty seats?

So what does a restaurant need to do?

We have eliminated directories, but there is still social media right? No! Social media can’t book a table and people won’t search for a no line table on Facebook, twitter, etc. Social. Social media  can create amazing brand awareness, loyalty, trust and even sales, while you’re waiting for the loyalty to kick in, your tables are still empty.

Why GotTable?

First off the system doesn’t have bulky and expensive hardware. It is pretty much free and there are not a lot of fees involved. The GotTable? allows to alert users on the spot that that they have tables available. Best of all you don’t have to be a programming/IT genius to use the system. You can simply allow reservations when you have tables available and turn them off when you’re not. The system also has a lot of bells and whistles such as real time advertisements & promotions. Additionally, the company spends a lot of time on social media and works on promoting restaurants that have signed up in the early stages.



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