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Mar 24, 2014

What do most businesses do when business is slow, they cut their marketing and advertising budget! Big mistake and restaurants cannot afford not to market themselves. Of recent times, restaurant owners have expressed a slow down in business around the LA and OC area. Well, what are you waiting for?

The Got Table? APP has been designed to provide restaurant owners with FREE advertising in real time. So when your business is slow, put a special every 10 minutes if need be. It is interesting, the initial start up fees has been waived for those who join up now, well before our owners change their minds. Its’ a bargain and it is difficult for anyone to really see the downside of joining up!

Kickstart your marketing campaign with the Got Table? App – it will work when you work in partnership with the team at Got Table? APP. We are seeking restaurants in LA and OC at this time. If you have long wait lines or simply have no lines, this is a perfect solution to enrich diner experience and for your restaurant  to be filled with happy diners.



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