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Feb 27, 2014

Restaurant owners need to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to marketing and advertising. Traditional print ads are no longer effective, the Yellow Book is now almost extinct. The internet has played a major role in intra and inter communication between us beings. Restaurant owners have to change and shift their thinking towards how to communicate with their target diners, no question. How is perhaps the next logical question:

1. (R) Real Time Specials
2. (A) Advertising
3. (e) eMail Blast

As a restaurant owner himself, the founder of the Got Table? APP came up with the “RAE” concept because it has been difficult assigning a significant budget to print ads, online ads, direct mail campaigns and more. The returns were just unpredictable. Restaurant owners who sign up with the Got Table? APP have “RAE” as part of their marketing program, all governed independently by the restaurant owner in real time. The subscription for the APP is priceless, as the costs to execute “RAE” is FREE. There is nothing like this out there in the market place and making it a collaborative effort to take this APP to the market place is a win win for all parties. To find out more about this, contact us at or email us at



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