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Jan 30, 2014

Perhaps it is different in some countries where you do have time to kick back relax but in the USA, we all know time is of the essence. There are many of us who leave home early in the mornings and come back late in the evenings, missing out on family time. The Got Table? APP has been designed to create more efficiencies for you the busy working parent, the executive and having a better quality reunion at meal times with family.

If you have stood in lines at restaurants, you would know how frustrating that can be. You tend to walk in to the concierge counter, get handed some kind of space buzzer device and hope that in 45 minutes you get a table.  By this time, busy executives could have closed a deal, dealt with an employee issue, had a workout at a gym and if you are with family, your kids would have driven you crazy!

Restaurant owners may like the idea of having diners waiting because tables are never left empty but why not create a more friendly solution by subscribing to the Got Table? APP, so that diners can actually spend that wait time doing something more productive! Lets face it, a lot can be done in 45 minutes and if there is a solution for this, why not!

The Got Table? APP was created by Mr. Cheranda a restaurant owner himself who got tired of waiting in line at his restaurants of choice. “It is time to buy time back for yourselves and not waste time waiting” says Mr. Cheranda.



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