Why restaurant owners should sign with Got Table?

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Jan 09, 2014

The contradiction between diner wait times and restaurant table turnover each day or week is a balance restaurant owners need to constantly monitor. Diner wait times if too long can be a “turn off” and most certainly encourage the diner not to return for another meal at the restaurant. On the flip side, the restaurant owner would love a long wait line because the ratio of diner to table turnover in any given day is going to be superb. What makes Got Table? a desired APP in today’s busy and crazy world?

It is like a horse and carriage! Restaurants will be able to manage tables as and when they become available and diners DO NOT have to wait any more. With real time GPS and real time updates from restaurant pre-programed into the APP, diners will be able to HIT BOOK A TABLE of 2 or 12 as required! Show up, dine and enjoy the ambiance with ZERO stress. How about that?

Off course many other APP’s are out there but for the restaurant owner this is a far more lucrative option going forward! No hardware to be purchased, no software just simply plug, download and away you go. You can decide how many tables are free for real time search and broadcast real time advertisements and food specials.

“ This is bloody awesome” anonymous diner! More restaurants should be able to sign up on the spot. Life is already so hectic, anything to reduce diner wait times with the restaurant making more money is a win win all round. Contact the Got Table? Management today to sign up!



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