I have tried open table, I’ve tried marketing and I’ve pretty much tried it all. When GotTable came to me I was a bit skeptical. When they showed me the results of how this application

This App is Amazing!

Having worked in the restaurant industry for the past 25 years and seen different technologies adapt to the industry environment, I must say that the Got Table App, was uniquely created by the owner operator of a restaurant, to give more insight and convenience to the diner or executive who needs to make a decision about dining on the spur of the moment, or the owner operator who needs to fill the vacant tables and market the restaurant at any given time. Since conception stages to the final product, I have seen it being developed with a passion by the ownership to accommodate the Diner as well as the Restaurant Owner, and can categorically state that it will bring the Wow Effect on any human being!!! This is a unique App for the Restaurant Industry and I would highly recommend it since it has more value for the money spent on other Apps!

U.T.Somaiah, Hospitality Development Consultant,

U.T.Somaiah, Hospitality Development Consultant

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