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Jan 27, 2015

We as people don’t like to wait. We don’t like to wait in line period. We want it fast and even faster if possible. This is why we have been accustomed to fast food, it’s in the name “Fast”. We even have drive-through fast food so we don’t have to get out of our car and wait in another line. The sad reality is that restaurants have tables open during times when we might be hungry, but we just don’t want to wait in line and it feels like an inconvenience to go and wait. Why? Because we are hungry now! And we want food yesterday. Unless you take the time to plan out a nice meal somewhere and have all the time during your lunch break or whenever you like to eat, the chances that you will go to a restaurant might be slim.

Are you sick of eating fast food?

Aren’t you sick of eating fast food? I’m sure you are. You don’t want greasy or fatty food all the time. What if you have a meeting and you want to take your potential client’s somewhere nice? What do you do? Restaurants don’t advertise that they have tables available or do they?

Why GotTable?

The GotTable? App takes a lot of consideration into what diners want. They want a table available, they want a deal and they want it quick and close by.  We actually allow users to reserve their table through the app!

There are a lot of apps out there in the market,  a lot of them just do some advertising and hope that a lot of people use them so they can earn ads money. GotTable doesn’t believe in that model, we aren’t just making something so we get a mass number of users and do a tone of spam advertisements, nor do we charge for our app. We are the only app that actually works closely with restaurants to provide something that no one else provides. When we sign up a restaurant we don’t just add them just for the sake of adding more resturants. We work with restaruants that actually provide real quality service. That is why we never mess with our reviews. We want our users to really know what others liked and didn’t like about their dining experience.





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