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Jan 22, 2014

The Got Table? APP is innovation within the restaurant and hospitality sector. Founder and CEO of the Got Table? App, Mr. Cheranda, developed this APP after years of waiting in lines at restaurants. “Time is of the essence and as a restaurant owner I have always felt something had to be done to increase diner satisfaction, and waiting 30-45 minutes in line is simply unacceptable in today’s modern world”, says Cheranda in a private interview with eMerchants PR team.

There are many restaurant booking systems out there but Got Table? has been designed to optimize Diner experience but also to empower restaurant owners to manage slow times with free advertising and communicate specials in real time to diners…..all for FREE. Instant loyalty rewards can also be driven from the restaurant owners generic computer direct to pre-existing clients, from specials to birthday treats! No additional hardware required!

Diners have the ability to search for a restaurant using GPS based search at any given time. No more waiting! eMerchant Inc. and Got Table? are in partnership. Special eMerchant credit card processing offers will be provided to restaurants who sign up. It is a truly state of the art innovation in the hospitality sector and we welcome you to the Got Table? APP success story



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